The world famous diving watch Rolex oyster perpetual watch Deepsea

Rolex oyster perpetual watch Deepsea is found that both Deepsea watch success thanks to several breakthroughs in technology innovation, which includes Rolex exclusive new case structure of Ring-lock system. It ensures watches can be used in the deep sea under tremendous pressure. Especially it is designed by the most demanding professional divers. In addition, the other three excellent watches components for the realization of the watch section of the superior power performance: its high performance stainless steel ring is arranged in the blue crystal and case cover, which ensure the glass case and cover easily withstand tremendous pressure; the blue crystal glass surface micro arched and specific watch section of the glass surface is more thick in the other oyster and other compressive ability to multiply; watch case cover used has a very high resistance made of titanium alloy, as well as with excellent performance of 904L stainless steel ring is fixed. (The rolex submariner fake also is a good choice for diving because of the excellent waterproof performance)

The Deepsea watch can meet the needs of professional divers to strong and change, accurate and reliable the ultimate demand. Strap assembly with double expansion system, allowing adjustable strap length to watch worn on the 7 mm thick wetsuit and easy to wear. Double expansion system equipped with including the Oyster discount telescopic link and a new GLIDELOCK buckle. This strap length of fine tuning is good for the driver. Platoon helium valve to the extraordinary performance of 904L stainless steel is made, its size and case diameter perfectness, so tightly bonding and guarantee perfect excellent waterproof performance. Equipped with the safety device, in the process of gas into the deep sea diving watches can be discharged from the watch in the diving decompression. While the three locking winding crown with three independent sealing washer, fasten down can further improve its waterproof performance is excellent.

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