Tag Heuer Launched the Carrera UAE Limited Watch

The Carrera limited edition watch that was launched by Tag Heuer brand is the ultimate classic works of the Tag Heuer, which represents its deeply profound sense of the national pride and its unique luxury. The external Tag Heuer Calibre 5 movement is set at the position of six o’clock and it is printed with the Swiss national flag.

This Tag Heuer watch was born in September in 2013 with the limited set of only 250 pieces. The numbers on 12 o’clock and 2 o’clock positions of this Carrera watch adopts the manual rose gold coating. And the words of “UAE Edition” were printed on the back cover of the blue sapphire crystal glass which has the extremely resistance to delimit. The Carrera UAE limited edition uses the highest-quality workmanship of the Tag Heuer brand, and it highlights the highest standard and rules of the Tag Heuer. In addition, its watch dial is made of the standard pure silver, and the watch case and watch crown along with the watch chain are made of the best stainless steel material; this Tag Heuer Carrera watch also has the waterproof performance of 50 meters which has been identified officially.

Tag Heuer brand being one of the famous watch manufacturers in the world, mainly produces sports watches and shows its great passion on its watches, especially the Tag Heuer Carrera series. And it you enjoy the sports activities and want to have your own sports watches, why not buy a Tag Heuer Carrera watch? It is priced about 20,000 RMB or more, but if you are on budget, the Tag Heuer Carrera replica also is suggested for you, which is about $500 from the online replica watch store, but do remember to make your purchase from the credible store with quality guarantee and all kinds of warranty so as to avoid being defrauded.

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