Rolex with Chromalight

Now, there are many luminous automatic mechanical watches that appeared on the market, and those Luminous watches with good performance are not cheap in price. But how much you know about the noctilucent function of the watch? Luminous watches are coated with luminous powder on the watch dial and watch hands, so that you can see the time clearly at dark place or in the evening. On many flight watches and diving watches we can see the watch noctilucent functions.

The original luminous watches were using luminous materials of radium. The nature of the radium is not stable, and it will decay into radon in 1600 years, and because of continuous decay, it will send out the light blue light. But radium has radioactivity, so when it is in the use of more than 40 years it will be replaced by new materials. Today, those watches with the function of luminous we see today are mostly using luminescent material rather than the radium material. Here we will lead you to look at the Rolex luminous automatic mechanical watches and luminous technology to feel the bright light at dark situation.

Luminous fully automatic mechanical watches – high quality replica watches with Chromalight

When it comes to watch, more people will think of Switzerland Rolex watch, especially the Submariner series. Of course, noctilucent function almost can be seen in each Rolex watches. Rolex luminous dial shows blue light, which is using a kind of innovation of fluorescent material Chromalight, the so-called Chroma is the meaning of Chroma and saturability.

In 2008, rolex for the first time used the Chromalight fluorescent material in a professional divers watch Oyster perpetual DEEPSEA whose waterproof is as deep as 3900 meters. Compared with the general standard of fluorescent material, Chromalight light-emitting time almost doubled, luminous intensity in the process of full diving also remain relatively stable, which can maintain more than eight hours. And it can be said that the blue light sending out by Chromalight has become a kind of marked color of the watches replica rolex diving watches.

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