Rolex Submariner – Famous for Its excellent and reliable performance

In 1953, when scuba diving was still at an early stage of development, rolex has created a prototype model of diving watch, oyster Submariner watch, with the waterproof as deep as 100 meters. By 1954, the waterproof performance of the Submariner series watch was doubled to 200 meters, for the divers in the depth within 60 meters and used the air to breathe provided sufficient safety diving range. With its excellent and reliable performance, the fake rolex submariner wrist watch soon won the favour of professional divers. Divers worked closely with rolex to assist and improve the performance of the watches. In 1962, a diver refreshed as deep as 313 meters diving record in California. Obviously, divers needed a new generation of wrist watch to fight against the deep sea pressure under 200 meters.

Rolex, in fact, in 1960 tightened an Experimental wrist watch in deep-sea submarines Trieste, ultimately successfully descended to 11000 meters to the deepest ocean, citing the watchmaking technology of rolex enough to rise the performance of the Rolex Submariner.


In 1966, Comex firstly completes the industrial diving as deep as 160 meters. The French company developed a saturation diving technology, which was enough to withstand underwater housing project near the United States, what was unique about it was installing the hyperbaric oxygen chamber in the ship, so that to finish the navigation tasks all over the world. Saturation divers after entering pressure bell, will descend to the working depth. And after the completion of diving, they will also be in the same way returning to support vessel’s compression chamber. Eventually reduced pressure will only in the last moment of the task be carried out. Comex being the leader in the field of commercial deep-sea diving, in a decade plans to send the divers to the deep sea under 300 meters. And diamond rolex replica surely is a great help for them for its outstanding diving performance.

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