Top 3 Best Watches Perfectly Defining Your Unique Style


In the world of watches, there are a lot of elements contributing a high-quality product. They are appearance, battery, principle and so on. People often believe that they need to prepare a big amount of money for a standard timepiece.

However, the fact does not go in such way. Prestigious watch brands all over the world have introduced their affordable products to the public. And some of them are in following top 3 best watches list. If you want to find the perfect watches for men you should find out this post “Best Watches for men“.

A list of top 3 best watches


Product name AO9030-05L Watch Model SNE447 Watch Mode Automatic Watch Model
Brand Citizen Seiko Fossil
Collection Eco-Drive RECRAFT Grant
Movement Japanese quartz Japanese quartz Mechanical hand wind
Water resistance 300 feet 300 feet 165 feet
Calendar Yes Yes Yes
Battery capacity six months ten months No battery required
Rating 5.0 5.0 5.0
Price $$$.$$ $$$.$$ $$$.$$


AO9030-05L Watch Model from Eco-Drive Collection of Citizen Brand

Best Watches for men

As one the world leading brands for watches with high-tech design, the Citizen keeps leaving an intense satisfaction for their customers after each launching product.

The watch named AO9030-05L Avion is a representative for Citizen Eco-Drive collection. Featuring a vintage look of a dial in blue color along with a leather strap, it promises to bring a sweet-wise appearance of gentlemen.

What is unique about the technology of Eco-Drive? Unlike other watches requiring users to change batteries over periods, Citizen products with the Eco-Drive run smoothly thanks to natural as well as artificial sources of light.

Such invention provides energy for watches from the light even in the dark space. After generation, the power which is in the cells will play a significant role in helping parts of the timepiece to operate well for six months and more. Hence, there is no need to waste money and much time for battery changes.

In term of materials, Acrylic plastic is an inexpensive one which the brand chooses to make crystals. Therefore, it is possible for spenders to remove slight scratches on surface.

Moreover, the water resistance allows this model to work well at a depth of 330 feet. However, if you are about to enjoy scuba diving, consideration should be at the lead.

SNE447 Watch Model from RECRAFT Collection of Seiko Brand

Best Watches for women

The second product of the list is from the Seiko – a well-known Japanese brand in the world timing industry. It is the SNE447 RECRAFT model. Basing on an uncomplicated design here seems to be a watch of the concept of simplicity. Furthermore, it is a unisex product which is suitable for both men and women.

In comparison with the former, this Seiko watch’s battery principle is the same. In fact, solar power in a range of light makes all parts work well for a 10-month period. For a new generation of the modern watch, such betterment is always ideal for any users.

Besides of Acrylic crystal, the brand also takes advantage of one compound of mineral crystal as well as others to improve the scratch resistance of the watch’s surface. Technically, through a process of heat treatment, the level of hardness increases to protect the crystal from external impacts.

Another characteristic is the function of showing dates. A two-in-one functionality brings wearers convenience over the time.

If you are swimming or snorkeling lover, its potentials are reasonable for your option. However, the manufacturer does not recommend the use during the times of diving.

Automatic Watch Model from Grant Collection of Fossil Brand

Best Watches

The last ideal candidate for the top three is an automatic winding model from the Fossil Brand. With features of the model, this timepiece works on the principle of hand-winding instead of the quartz movement like two former products.

An advantage of such technique is no battery in need. Otherwise, it runs thanks to the power from a rotor. Here is also a discomfort for users. They must execute the self-winding step whenever the watch stops ticking. It is true that no periodical battery replacing requirement is probably a compensation for this drawback.

By technical figures, 165 feet is what the manufacture introduce the watch’s durability against water. It still works smoothly if you just wear in a brief time of swimming. But there is trouble in cases of diving as well as the similar forms of recreation.

Additionally, a solid crystal in a very mechanical look together with a simple band is stylish enough for wearers to be more confident about their appearance.

Although this Fossil Grant product reaches a standard which is not as high as the Citizen and Seiko ones, it is ideal for customers with a tight budget. In fact, timepiece lovers keep appreciating this.


All products from the top 3 best watches in the article are in the list of affordable watch brands by the Business Insider. Each makes differences by significant advantages. However, the second one from the Seiko brand seems to be the best potential.

The reason for such evaluation is its battery capacity with is enough for ten months of use regardless of the same features as other two products. Despite a high price, an expensive cost means an exceptional quality.

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